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PPС (Pay-Per-Click advertising) is a type of digital advertising widely used for online promotion and generating clicks on a website. It's a model of internet marketing that involves the use of search engines. Advertisers pay each time the users click on the advertisement that appears at the top of the search engine results page. As a reliable digital marketing tool, PPC gives good promotion results in the shortest possible time.

It's the easiest, fastest and most effective way to drive traffic to the website and generate leads, sales. No risks and predictable results make PPC stand out from other marketing strategy tools.

What we do?

Paid Search Ads

These all-text ads appear on search engine results pages at the top or bottom of the page. Our budget-friendly Paid Search Ads effectively improve brand recognition and produce fast results.

Targeted advertising

It’s a type of online advertising that delivers promotional messages in accordance with consumer behavior, traits, interests and preferences. We’ll craft the ads that make your customers get engaged with your brand.

Remarketed ads

These ads help to re-engage the audience that visited your website but didn’t convert. By focusing on products or services your readers previously viewed, we make them re-engage with your business. With us, you’ll never feel like you lost your leads.

Display Ads

These ads include photo and text content and appear on search engines’ partner websites. Our Display Ads help reach people interested in your business faster and thus boost traffic to your website.

Google Shopping

By appearing in a carousel format above the search results, these ads allow users to see the products and prices before they visit the website. We’ll set up an effective Google Shopping Ad meeting all your budgeting needs.

Video Ads

It is a video containing a hyperlink to the site. We will craft interesting video ads that actively attract the users’ attention and provide excellent marketing results.

Our cases


Development of clothing store

Development of selling online clothing stores with convenient functionality in Art ADS.


Converse website

Design and development of the online store Converse in Ukraine!


Interior Design Site

Design and development of a multi-page site for the provision of interior design services.


Employment site

Development and design of the site to search for work abroad!


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